All in sketches

Rethinking Bad Remodel Decisions

It's like Kurt Cobain said, "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are."  This house could only be traditional if the home mostly rebuilt.  That roofline will never say "traditional" and that is an expensive decision. Where the poor remodel decisions didn't live up to the soul of its modern roots, the proposal sketch shows some remedies that are true to what this home is. Not only is this a well sized home near a park and close to a walk-able main street, the mid-century style fits the eclecticism of an older part of a small town.

Enthusiastically embracing the original style pays off. 


Mid-Century Duplex Potential

An investment property needs to strike a balance between being easily maintained and attracting long-term tenants. Installing heavy landscape edging, defining linear plant beds, and using mulches such as large rocks all keep the landscape maintenance straight-forward while playing up the mid-century lines of the building. With only the exterior addition of entry overhangs, new paint, and period-specific aluminum posts, the once boring rental becomes playful and boldly reclaims its mid-century modern title. The entry color, limbing up the front yard's trees, and the addition of unit numbers and porch lights all enhance the safety of the rental property as well.

A Traditional Garden Transforms a Historic Property

The garden could turn out to be the best part of the remodel. A corner lot always has the potential to be a showcase garden simply due to the vehicle and foot traffic. 

The historic nature of the original house should be preserved and enhanced. The railings and all built-out details need to be true to the late 1800s. There are many brick homes in the area that have been very successfully renovated from this era and it is valued in the community. That will prove to strengthen this investment when remodeled.